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Alongside that, the real GDP per capita from 2018 and the national GHG emission targets for each European country are displayed, as well as the average result of all 28 EU countries. Monaco has had the highest GDP per capita since 1982. Qatar ranked first for GDP per capita amongst Hot countries in 2011. Canada ranked first for GDP per capita amongst Heavily indebted countries in 2012. Australia ranked first for GDP per capita amongst East Asia and Pacific in 2012. Bulgaria, Romania, and Croatia were the EU countries with the lowest GDP per capita last year expressed in terms of purchasing power standard (PPS), namely about half the average recorded in EU As we can see, the EU is poorer than most of these countries, but it still has a higher GDP per capita than Japan and New Zealand, and almost as much as the UK. As can be seen from the images above, the EU has had some of the strongest economic growth among comparable economies, both … 2020-01-29 2017-09-15 This indicator is based on nominal GDP (also called GDP at current prices or GDP in value) and is available in different measures: US dollars and US dollars per capita (current PPPs).

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6. NETHERLANDS – 50,793.14 USD Se hela listan på learnertrip.com Instead, Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita at over 113 thousand U.S dollars, followed by Switzerland at around 83 thousand U.S dollars. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate in European The GDP per capita of the Basque Country rose to 121, measured in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2017, meaning that only seven countries of the EU-28 exceeded it, according to the Structural Indicators data “The Basque Country in the EU-28” by EUSTAT. With the substantial per capita GDP of $52,367, Netherlands maintains one of the best standards of living both in Europe and the entire world. 8. Country GDP (PPP) per capita (2017) GDP (nominal) per capita (2017) vs.

on the basis of the 2016 gross national income per capita from the World Bank. av M Ceder · 2020 — Where a negative relationship between GDP/capita and growth would mean that members converge on one another financially.

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Find Out GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country's standard of living; however, this is problematic because GDP per capita is not a measure of personal income. Comparisons of national income are also frequently made on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP), to adjust for differences in the cost of living in different countries.

Eu countries by gdp per capita

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Eu countries by gdp per capita

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1, Liechtenstein, 139,100. 2, Qatar, 124,100. 3, Macau, 122,000. 4, Monaco, 115,700. 5, Luxemburg, 105,100.
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the euro analyse the growth gains from the European Union for its member countries,  19 Feb 2020 Almost 16 years ago, Poland joined the EU and at the time was one of the least affluent countries in the bloc: GDP per capita was $16,000 in  GDP per capita is gross domestic product divided by midyear population. GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus  Lack of economic development of some countries in Europe may make increasing leisure-time physical activity more difficult. Further examination of the link  The map displayed here shows how GDP - per capita (PPP) varies by country. The shade of the country corresponds to the magnitude of the indicator. 17 Jul 2019 GDP per capita in europe (in dollar).

along the energy system for a set of European countries in the period Danish provinces suffered in terms of relative GDP per capita between  After all, Austria derives 6% of its GDP from international tourism.
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OECD Territorial Reviews: Stockholm, Sverige 2006

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